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120 RON/Year

We share the same aversion towards forms, but for us, as members of the community, it's very important to know you well.

We want to make sure that when you apply, you are motivated not only by the membership itself but also by the opportunity to help those around, by the need to make things - at least in UX Design - better.

We know that each and every one of you is valuable in his own, unique way, but the power of a group, of a team, will always outrun that of the individual, alowing us to accomplish so much more.

So help us get to know you! Pull through the pain of filling the form, and join us :)

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Frequent Questions

Why is all this information necessary?

Because we want to build real, detailed profiles, which will directly impact the way we can offer support back to the community through future partnerships. From consultancy, freelancing, to mentoship or career opportunities, it's important to be able to confirm that this professional association is made out of exactly what we are promoting: professionals and enthusiasts, people that are serious, dedicated, involved, that understand the potential and the need for this industry.

What happens after I submit the form?

You're added to a database ☺. Kidding aside, we've put great value on the ideea of establishing a real, authentic connection, with each member. That's why we'll review each requrest separately, to ensure that there are no automated submissions or from people that don't share the core values that we promote.

Can a submission be rejected?

Yes, but it's unlikely. Applying through this form is, without a doubt, a small interview. The Quality of the answers should align with the level of involvement, that, in the past years, we've realised is required to lead such an initiative forward.

What happens after I'm accepted?

The first step is a meeting with all the new members, to define the way activities will be carried out going forward, to find drivers for each segment, to set recurency for future meetings, etc.

How and when can I pay the membership fee?

At the first meeting with the Association members, in cash. We're trying to activate payment by credit card as fast as possible.