Hello, friends and practitioners of UX Design!

Thursday, 3 November, during our 10th anniversary meet-up, together with 140(!!) friends, colleagues and enthusiasts, to whom we heartedly thank for being there, we launched The Romanian Association for User Experience Design.

UXDRO Launch Crowd

For us, this has felt like launching a rocket into space, it was the crowning of many years of efforts dedicated to a field that we sincerely love.

These were years that we spent working to find the best methods for growing the UX field, so profoundly important for a truly healthy tech industry. During these years we have consolidated a base for a community of hundreds of people, we created a meet-up that grew with every edition, we started a UX Conference that turned out to be fabulous (next edition coming in 2017), and here we are, we have launched a professional association, which will grant us the framework and statute to take all these things to a bigger, more profound level.

The importance of creating a professional association for UX, in the context of the digital change we are going through, is vital. Our role as an association - of promoting the field all the way to the level of teaching and education, both for practitioners and for companies in search for UX professionals - will be decisive for the success that our tech industry will have in the coming years.

The major directions that a domain needs in order to grow - standards, education, certification, consultancy, best practices, teams, a job market, proven ROI, and many more - cannot exist without a self-sustaining, independent organism whose sole purpose is supporting and developing them.

AsadarSo we now ask you to join us in this initiative.

Become a real, active part of the transformation that we need from not only the industry but from the society we live in.

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